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8 Things to Do in Cbus This Weekend

The kids might be getting ready to go back to school, but there's still plenty of summer, festivals, and sun to enjoy in Cbus.   There is rain in this weekend's forecast, but hopefully it holds off and just rains at night... if your plans are rained out, here's a list of 40 things to do inside.  But let's hope for sun so we can do all of the things on this week's list...

What to do...

1. Ever want to go on a hot air balloon ride?  How about while Bret Michaels is performing?  Check out all of the hot air balloons this weekend in Marysville for the All Ohio Balloon Fest.

2. Go for a leisurely paddle at Trapper John's in Grove City Friday night for a great cause, She Has a Name.

3. It is the height of harvest season, time to get the freshest tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and all of the other delicious summer fruits and veggies at North Market's 25th annual Farmer's Festival with demos and activities.

4. Summer, the season of festivals includes Festival Latino this weekend.  Enjoy the best of Latin American foods, dance, and music while soaking in the summer sun downtown on the riverfront.

5. Rock out with some smokey BBQ at the Blitz's Great Summer Smokeout featuring Volbeat, Red Sun Rising, Devour the Day and Nine Shrines at Express LIVE on Saturday.

6. There are still a few spots left for the craziest, most fun 5k... it's an inflatable course!  They don't even keep time... it all about having a great time bouncing around and getting through the obstacles.  Sign up for the Insane Inflatable 5k here.

7. Been watching the Olympics and feeling inspired?  Get your toes in the sand at Woodland's Volleyball Tourney where the drinks will be coming and the top eight team win money!

8. Take your tastebuds on a world tour without leaving town!  The 42nd International Taste of Columbus is on Sunday featuring 20+ local restaurants that specialize in international cuisines.

Where to drink...
The Taproom is having a local beer and chocolate pairing afternoon, or if you prefer something a little stronger, how about a Bourbon Tasting with Grove City Brewing... both happening on Saturday.

Where to eat...
Gimme all the food trucks!  Food truck festival kicks off on Friday in Columbus Commons, so fill up on the best street eats in the city.


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