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Make Your Own Chipotle

I'm a little picky on how my sandwiches are prepared.  There is a certain order of flavors that just tastes better in my opinion.  Same goes for burritos... I don't want to take a bite and it is just rice... I want a combination of flavors in every bite!  Plus, they never seem to get the proportions just right at Chipotle.  So I tried to make my own veggie burrito, Chipotle style.

Turned out pretty good!  My rice has more flavor (and more nutrients), same with the tortilla.  My salsa, lettuce, and peppers were local, supporting local, small business.  Everything is laid out so all the ingredients are in almost every bite.  It didn't take very long too make either... it might have even taken the same amount of time as waiting in the forever long line at Chipotle!  The rice took ten minutes, same with the peppers and onions... tortilla in the microwave for one minute and then just combining everything.


Anyway, we have been eating out a lot lately.  And we continue this trend through the weekend since we have a few Easter meals planned as well as dinner with friends tomorrow.  It will be easier to select a menu after Easter when everything in my recipe book is fair game again!  I have been wanting to try this new soup recipe, but it has shrimp, so I've been (somewhat) patiently waiting.

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