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Weekly Menu

We were one of the many millions of people watching the Super Bowl yesterday.  I am really not a football fan (despite getting surprisingly involved in fantasy football this season), I am totally in it for the commercials (its the Marketing geek in me).  While it was a relatively unimpressive year for these big budget advertisements, there were still two that stood out to me.  And neither commercial was funny, which is what normally grabs my attention.  The first was the Budweiser clydesdale story.  Those always rank in my top three... so symbolic and sentimental.  The other was the Ram truck spot with Paul Harvey's "So God Made a Farmer".  Beautiful photography and captivating words... made me want to get my hands dirty and grow something.

Any way, we're getting ready to work in a lot of vegetarian meals.  But before that starts, I had my husband pick out a couple of his favorites for this week's menu.

Sour Cream Enchiladas
Pretzel Chicken with Brussel Sprout Gratin (I picked the brussel sprouts)
Homemade Breakfast Hot Pocket
Baked Ravioli with salad
Homemade Pizza Yum

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