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Weekly Menu

It has been a tough news week this past week, too many unthinkable events.  Hopefully this week will be a week of recovery and optimism.

This week was also our first delivery from Green BEAN Delivery, which is this awesome service that delivers organic produce and local grocery items to your door!  After our favorite creamery decided they could not afford to deliver milk to our neighborhood Kroger, we found out that we could get their full dairy assortment through Green BEAN.  In addition to all of the Snowville products we'll be getting free range eggs, free range meats, locally roasted coffee, and other delicious grocery items we normally only get a few times a year because they are less accessible on our side of town.  Every bin comes with a mandatory (but flexible) amount of produce, which will be great until our CSA starts delivering on the same day of the week!  Too much produce is really not a problem in our house.  Between cooking, juicing, and preserving (canning or freezing), we will find a way to eat or share it all!

After the first delivery, I am so excited for the next (we picked bi-weekly delivery).  A little disappointed that the produce is not local or seasonal (well, some of it was), but it tastes better than the stuff I would have bought at Kroger.  The delivery bins are insulated and have ice packs to keep things cold... but when it gets to 100 degrees in the summer... we'll see how long those ice packs keep things cold.  All in all, I love it so far! 

(Update: I found the way to get local produce through Green BEAN... it just isn't in the default bin package, go figure.)

Now, time for this week's menu...

spaghetti and meatballs (didn't get to it last week)
fish tacos
grilled cheese sandwiches - am I the only one that didn't realize it was national grilled cheese month?
pan ravioli with spinach and tomatoes

What are you making this week?

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