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Quick Crepes - total time 10 minutes

We're prepping for our vacation in Europe and I'm so excited!  Things are finally coming together after years of saying we would go and finding excuses to put it off another year.  So now that the flights are booked and we're landing the plane on some other decisions (including getting our tickets to London Fashion Week!), some times I try to start our vacation a little early with some classic french foods.

I'm normally a pancakes and eggs kind of girl on the weekends, but I swapped out my pancakes for a little french crepe.  It felt especially french since there wasn't a single word of english on the packaging!  I've tried making my own crepes before, after all, the batter is really just thinned down pancake mix (for the most part, I won't say that in Paris, I promise).  When I tried making them, they always fell apart.  It's hard to get something that thin and delicate!

After a couple times making crepes in the morning, I like them two ways... cold and warmed up.  The pictures and steps below are for the cold version using yogurt.  For the warmed up melty version, take the crepes, carefully spread peanut butter thinly across, then add slide bananas on one half... fold it in half twice and heat them in a pan on medium-low heat for a minute or two each side.  The heat crisps up the crepe for some textured crunch and warms the peanut butter to be gooey inside.  Perfect!

The cold version is just as good!  The main difference is toasting up the crepe first to avoid warming the yogurt.  Nice and creamy.

2 crepes
1 tbsp Nutella
.5 cup yogurt
.5 cup strawberries, sliced

1.  Heat pan to medium-low and warm up crepes about a minute per side.
2.  Combine yogurt and Nutella (makes it easier to spread the Nutella) and spread half of the mixture over each crepe.  
3.  Layer sliced strawberries on half of the crepe then fold in half... and fold in half again.  Enjoy!

DSC09250 DSC09251 DSC09256 DSC09258 DSC09263 DSC09268 DSC09270 DSC09274

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