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Weekly Menu

Another fabulous weekend in Columbus!  Perfect weather... somehow it managed not to rain on the Memorial Tournament.

Celebrated three years of drinkupcolumbus with a couple local brews.  Got to sit in the company-I-work-for's suite for the Clipper's game on Friday.  They kept some of the stuff from Cooper stadium, so every time I go to Huntington Park it takes me back!  Finally got some drinks a Denmark where they take the time to make your drink right.  Headed over to Hayden Run to the 35 foot waterfall in the middle of the city and then took a stroll along the river.  Finished up the weekend hanging out with my college roommates, one of which was in from Chi-town.  Wish we could get together more often!


I love the busy summer schedule... but weekends are typically when I catch up on sleep, not get less than I do on 'school nights'.  I'm so ready for a nap!

This week's menu...
rosemary parm chicken and asparagus on the grill!
pizza night
asian meatballs and rice
... and lots of spinach, strawberry, green onion salads with feta using my bingredinets from GreenBEAN and CSA.

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