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What a beautiful weekend!  Couldn't ask for better weather, seriously!  I hear it is supposed to rain all week, but hey, I'll take that (and so will my garden) if the weekends are this perfect.

The World Cup started last week (did you see those cute commercials with Adriana Lima?).  Of course we've had it on (usually recorded) every day.  Seems like less people are as into it this years as I remember the last one.  Maybe that's just because USA hasn't played yet.  I'm sure Sam's Army will be out in full force tomorrow night.  Are you watching the games?

Last week we celebrated our 7 year anniversary (he surprised me with two dozen roses at work)!  Then we were out and about town this weekend for (614) day, tested stand up paddle boards and kayaks with Outdoor Source (we finally made a decision), and tried some restaurants we've been meaning to try for a while now.  All while hobbling around on my semi-bum knee (too many squats in hip hop?  hopefully the doctor will fix it tomorrow).


So I'm taking it easy this week, no hip hop CRT, which would normally mean more time to cook more elaborate dinners... but we're going out to watch the USA game tomorrow.  And then this weekend we're in Canton for graduation and summer solstice parties.  So mostly quick meals this week... with lots of side salads because we have lettuce coming out our ears between our garden, Green BEAN, and our CSA delivery.

grilled bbq rub chicken and salad
coq au riesling and grilled asparagus
pizza night
seared scallop alfredo and salad
shrimp gumbo Yum

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