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Another fabulous weekend in the Cbus!  We only get about six months of nice weather, so the city really seems to make the most of it with tons of events and everyone is out and about grilling and enjoying the sunshine.  It really makes me wonder about Canadians and how they handle an even shorter window of summer because the other six months in Columbus really wears on my spirit staying indoors so much.  I can't even imagine living in Edmonton or, even more extreme, Alaska.  Requires a thicker skin and tougher spirit.

So to get outside and enjoy the weather, we started the weekend at my favorite patio closest to home, Pies.  Great pizza and small plates (looove the crispy brussel sprouts)... 


Crews are working on getting the Scioto Greenway project complete.  After removing the dam last year, they are now carving out the old natural river bed to get the river flowing again for healthier wildlife habitat.  An added bonus for us (besides restoring things back to the way nature intended) the project will include 33 acres of waterfront parks and connects miles of multi-use trails.  

At Cbust Arts Festival this weekend I got to enjoy fried arts from my favorite food truck, Sweet Carrot, while listening to some hip hop and beat boxing.  Then strolled around perusing the photography, paintings, and sculptures.  Piada sponsored street artists which were creating some beautiful art on the sidewalk with pastels (I hope to see some of this in Italy later this year!).


On our way back to our Jeep we took our time going up alleyways and roads we don't often frequent finding some cool little downtown gems.  I just got A Historical Guidebook to Old Columbus from the library and was noticing some of historic landmarks. As someone who has lived in Cbus her entire life, I am still astounded by all of the history that has taken place in this city. 

So on to this weeks recipes.  Our fridge is stocked full of produce between our CSA delivery and Green BEAN.  I was busy making roasted strawberry ice cream and peanut butter granola earlier today using some of our surplus.
creamy springtime pasta taco night
grilled asparagus with poached egg
lasagna rollups
bok choy stir fry
and lots more of these spinach, strawberry, green onion, and feta salads...


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