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This weird sudden downpouring weather has been perfect for my vegetable garden, it's growing out of control and it's not even July yet!  Unfortunately, it also means a lot of delayed plans too.  We got out to ComFest on Friday night before the weekend thunderstorms.  It meant everyone has hot and sticky though.  Love seeing Cbus show its inner hippie with streets shut down, people lounging in the grass, fun crafts being sold, local foods eaten, and sustainable methods on display (using solar to power some of the food trucks).  

We always end up getting the jerk chicken every year because it's the only time know we can get pretty authentic jerk.  After perusing the merch tents, we grabbed a spot on the lawn for some people watching (always fun at festivals, but particularly fun to see what kind of outfits come out at ComFest).


I swear, the breakfast sandwich at North Star has to be the best ever.  So much so, I had to make my own version the next morning because I was still thinking about it!

My dog has a rain jacket.  He hates the rain and will not go outside without it.  He is such a weirdo.


With all of the rain we have had this June, the garden is doing amazing.  Of course now that I have said that, a hoard of insects will devour everything overnight.  That or we won't get rain for the rest of the summer and it will be 100+ degrees while I'm standing out there with the hose.  Let's hope the trend continues with a couple nice downpours a week.  I like it the monster banana peppers and giant chard leaves we're getting right now.  Perfect for topping pizzas with!  :)

Since it's the week of Independence Day (wait, where did June go?!) we have a lot of plans that involve us not eating at home.  So the meal planning this week is pretty limited at best.  But to sort of make up for it (and because I had some super ripe bananas I forgot about), I have chocolate chip banana muffins in the oven right now.

chicken and green beans
zucchini enchiladas
more salads (still not tired of them yet)
blackberry bourbon chicken and green beans (check out these marmalades we found at Celebrate Local made in Reynoldsburg!) Yum

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