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Hope everyone had a great weekend!  It felt like summer here in Ohio...and we have been waiting for this kind of weather since October!  So we went out and about with some friends to hike and camp Wildcat Hollow in Wayne National Forest.  It was a nice trail with tons of wildflowers, a couple beaver dams, several clear camp sites, and intermittent pine forest (which smells so good and the pine needles give the ground a little cushion).  First hike of the year is in the books (excluding our hike in St. Lucia, I guess) and we tested out a couple new things including trekking poles, wearing athletic tights instead of hiking cargos, and some new food items.

wildcat hollow hike wildcat hollow hike 
wildcat hollow hike wildcat hollow hike 
 wildcat hollow hike
wildcat hollow hike wildcat hollow hike

This week will be a fun one with Columbus Beer Week still going on and trying to make it to some of those events, May the Fourth (I'm sure there there will be Star Wars watching involved), Cinco de Mayo which should be celebrated with lots of tacos, and perhaps more great weather to get our kayak and paddleboard out!

Alright, here is my plan for this week (I'm just glad I don't have to carry it on my back to cook it!)...
sour cream enchiladas with homemade guac
bbq chicken pizza
asparagus frittata and hash browns


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