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Weekly Menu

The unofficial start of summer has come and I am so ready for it!  Grilling, camping, getting out on the water, ice cream, gardening... all of my favorites rolled up into one season.  And what a way to kick it off than a beautiful three-day weekend!

With no sign of rain, we had the top off the jeep and it really felt like summer.  Then supporting Jeni's reopening was delicious... can't tell you how many times I thought "wish I could get some Jeni's" during the few weeks it was unavailable... but it made this bowl taste even sweeter.  :)

jeep hair dont care jenis is back pattycake bakery park of roses
Had a pretty bad sweet tooth this weekend as we made a pit stop at Pattycake Bakery while strolling around Clintonville.  Their chocolate chip cookies are sooo good, definitely best in Columbus!

blackhand gorge blackhand gorge wildflowers blackhand gorge new keens

Went to Blackhand Gorge for a little hike to break in my new Keens (yay, REI anniversary sale!).  Quite the adventure with part of the trail being closed, then Google Maps taking us down a one lane gravel road to nowhere, and then getting lost in the woods for a bit.  It's always nice to unplug though, if only for a few hours.

Of course, all of this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the men and women that fight for our freedom.  As the common Memorial Day saying goes... all gave some, some gave all.  And for those people, we remember them this weekend.

This week's menu...
parmesan crusted chicken and steamed broccoli
pan fried ravioli and caprese salad
fish tacos
shrimp po' boys 
coq au riesling and asparagus


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