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What a rainy weekend!  It kind of ruined all of our original weekend plans.  If you live in Columbus, hopefully you were still able to have some fun... maybe some adventures from this list?  Unfortunately, much of our weekend was spent inside because of said rain... but the upcoming weekends will be outside, rain or shine... let's get this summer started!  ;)

spinach quiche cbc summer teeth 
double bins snoop 

In between getting rained on, we headed over to Inniswood Metropark where their meticulously maintained gardens are a perfect place for shutterbugs capturing nature or using it as a background for family or wedding photos.  The rose garden is just starting to bloom while the trees gave some relief when it started to rain again.  Afterwards, we made a stop at Hoover dam on the way back home where we had planned to get our kayak and paddle board out on the water if it wasn't for the rain.  

innis woods park 
innis woods park hoover dam 
innis woods park innis woods park 
innis woods park

Our CSA deliveries have started for this summer which means lots of spinach, spring onion, strawberry, and feta salads!  Such a simple salad and I look forward to them every Spring.  Even after three or more weeks in a row.  I always keep a vegetable garden, which varies in successfulness, so having a CSA really does keep our meal planning more seasonal.

I'm not quite sure how this week is going to go yet, either very busy or slightly laid back.  I do know that at the end of it, I'll be heading to visit some cows at Snowville's open house.  Hoping for blue skies and lots of samples!  ;)  Any way, here is the meal plan knowing that it could be a pretty lofty dream...

greek quesadillas
mexican stuffed shells
cheesy couscous casserole
pasta puttanesca
grilled cheese 


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