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8 Things to Do in Cbus This Weekend

NatGeo Travel just posted an article about Columbus being the next cool travel destination now that everyone knows about cities like Brooklyn, Portland, and Austin... they lost a little of that cool edge.  We're still that undiscovered gem to most of the country.  I don't know where they got the nickname "biggest small town in America", but get out and enjoy our city this weekend... here are a couple things going on around town...

What to do...

1. After a fun Pride Fest last weekend, ComFest comes in and takes over.  Join the crowd of community lovers in Goodale Park; tie dye and flower headbands highly encouraged!

2.  We've been waiting over a year for this... the reopening of the main library downtown is this weekend!  The ribbon cutting ceremony is at noon and there are events all weekend.  The new space is beautiful with lots of natural light, tons of resources and meeting rooms, even an XBOX area for teens. 

3.  Speaking of books, Half Price Book's clearance sale is this weekend at the fairgrounds.  Bring a bookbag, because everything is priced $2 or less, so it is time to stock up!

4.  Listen to some live local bands and catch some fireworks at Powell Festival on Saturday.

5.  If you want live music, but want to cool off inside while listening... get a little bit of nostalgia with a side of fabulous at the Lincoln Theater where the Columbus Gay Mens Choir will be performing Finding Oz.

6.  Want to see what goes into your beautiful flower bouquets?  Go on a flower farm tour at Sunny Meadows Flower Farm on Sunday at 1pm and then pick up a couple bouquets for your place.

7.  Check out one of Columbus' historic neighborhoods at the Haus und Garten Tour of German Village on Sunday.  Start your tour at Pistacia Vera to caffeinate, check out a few homes, grab a seat on Lindey's patio for lunch, take an afternoon stroll through the Book Loft, and see a few more houses to finish out your German Village tour.

8.  Take a hike!  ... through Highbanks Metropark for a twilight hike on Sunday at 8pm... the hike ends with roasting marshmallows!  Be sure to look up, you might spot one of the resident bald eagles.

If you missed the Arts Festival a couple weekends ago, here's another chance to get you hands on some art (and it won't be quite as crowded)... Easton Art Affair!

Where to eat...
Eat ALL of the strawberries because it's Strawberry Festival time in London (Ohio).

Where to drink...
Head over to Grandview Hop on Saturday to explore some local vendors, but officially staking out your seat in the pop-up beer garden and enjoy some local brews in the summer sun.

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