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Weekly Menu

Hope you a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.  We tried to stay outside as much as possible... even watching movies at the drive-in!  It's weekends like these that make you wish summer lasted forever.  Which, By the way happy summer solstice!  The day with the most daylight, but maybe not the most sunshine here in Columbus... oh well...

black brick mikeys late night 
snoop kayak 
herbn cafe south drive-in

Today was also the preview day of the new main library, which opens this Saturday.  You might be like me and visited the main library as a kid (I love the library system in Columbus, but other branches are so much closer to me).  I remember thinking about how many books and information could be housed in just one building.  

Well, now there's this thing called the internet (well, it was around back when I was a kid too, but maybe not quite as accessible), so the library has to keep up with the times... and Columbus Metropolitan Libraries is doing just that.  One of my favorite things the staff said this afternoon was something about libraries of the past focused on collection, libraries of the future focus on connection.  There are so many meeting spots, conference rooms, and even an XBOX area for teens, offering opportunities for connection everywhere.

The marble facade has been removed from the side and huge windows that have beautiful views of the city are in its place.  The marble wasn't wasted though, it was used in the sculpture by the outdoor eating/meeting area!  All of the natural light really opens the space up giving the library a light and airy feel (instead of cold, dark, and stuffy like libraries can be).

There are all kinds of events around the reopening of the Main Library going on this weekend... check them out here.

columbus library 
columbus library 
columbus library columbus library
columbus library columbus library
columbus library 

Well, we are already a day into this week, but here's the meal plan!

lamb burgers and asparagus
crab cakes and strawberry-spinach salad
spicy chicken and potato waffles
homemade pizza
perogies and green beans

What are you making this week?


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