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Cleaning Out the Freezer

While I was sick this weekend, I cleaned out the freezer to make room and to create an inventory.  I got rid of some stuff that was way too old to eat and a few things I don't remember why I bought.  Then made a list divided up by meats, fruits/veggies, and 'other'... and then put on the side of the freezer as a reminder to use these before buying more!

After a few days of chicken noodle soup for me and take out for Brandon... my goal this week is to use some of the inventory in the freezer.  Plus, I am still not feeling 100%, so I am not going to the grocery store this week!

* Mexican Chicken Casserole - frozen chicken & corn
* Pan-Seared Shrimp & Arugula Risotto - subbing frozen langostino tails for the shrimp, frozen chopped spinach for the arugula
* Sesame Soy Meatballs - frozen ground chicken
* Broccoli Rabe Mozzarella Ravioli - already freshly prepared, but in my freezer
* Italian Penne - I'm omitting the chicken in this recipe, so nothing from the freezer

I am also making Blackberry Crumb Bars for a co-workers birthday... which I have plenty of blackberries frozen from the past Summer.  Yay for not having to go to the grocery store this week! Yum

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