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Super Bowl Sunday

Went grocery shopping today while the Super Bowl was starting... I was surprised that there were other customers there, but at least I didn't have to wait in line for anything (and on a Sunday, that means a lot).  I like to go to the grocery store at odd hours for this reason but some times end up missing out on the deli and meat counters since they are not staffed 24 hours like the store (also depends on the store).

A friend asked me the other day if I saved money cooking meals at home and as I watched the cost add up at the cash register it made me think about it again.  I told her that I thought I actually spent more than I would actually spend on eating out every night... but I am not sure that is true.  I initially thought it was more because I pay extra for things that are local, organic, or use less packaging (or not packaged in cans/plastic).  So when comparing what I pay for groceries to what it would for us to eat at Chipotle or Taco Bell every day... then I do pay more... but who eats that everyday?  Eating at a restaurant costs us at least $30... so then I pay less for groceries.  Whether I spend more or less (or the same), I feel good about the healthy, sustainable food that we eat and that is worth more than what it costs.

Alright, here's this week's menu...
* Shrimp & Fish Stew
* Tarragon Chicken
* Chicken Fried Rice
* Deviled Crab Risotto Milanese
* Tomato-Vodka Soup

Once I felt better last week I made the Italian Penne, which changed to rotini with chopped tomatoes & artichokes with mozzerella and ricotta.  

And then for lunch I made pan-fried chicken.  It is one of the staples in our house along with homemade pizza and fajitas.  Everyone has their own go-to meals, this is one of ours...


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