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Veggie Sushi Rolls - total time 15 minutes

I mentioned the other week that my New Years resolution this year was to eat some raw vegetables every day.  I figured that this would help me get some more vegetables on my plate too.  Some nutrients in vegetables become more powerful and nourishing when cooked (like lycopenes in tomatoes).  But there are other nutrients that start to break down, and depending on your cooking method, some of the nutrients could be leeched from the vegetables altogether.  So it is important to have a balance between cooked and raw foods.

It has been much easier than I thought!  Between salads, sandwiches, juices, and things like these veggie sushi rolls there are a lot of options.  Everything is really easy to make and always really quick since it doesn't have to be cooked.  There really isn't a recipe on how to make these sushi rolls.  You can use pretty much whatever vegetables you have on hand, just slice them and put them in some nori (or you can add some rice for a more traditional roll).  There is a little bit of technique to get it right though...

nori sheets
bean spouts
green onions

1.  Slice vegetables into thin strips.
2.  Lay nori sheet out, layer veggie strips on one half of the sheet, roll up, and wet your fingers to seal the nori sheet closed.
3.  Using a wet knife, cut sushi rolls.


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