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Weekly Menu

This past week has been a hot one!  I don't mind it, but I also have been inside working in air conditioning most of the week.  Speaking of which... my husband broke down and turned on our AC at home.  Guess it was too hot for him!  As soon as he left town for work I shut it off and opened the windows.  It was starting to rain, so I figured the "heat wave" was over.  It is summer, it is supposed to be hot!  I would much rather hear the birds singing and the crickets chirping than the hum of an air conditioner any day.

With the fronts came some winds... and a couple of my tomato plants snapped!  I guess that's what happens when I buy more tomato plant than I have tomato cages.  We always seem to have a couple strong wind storms during tomato season, so I should know better (and I really should have supported my favorites, purple cherokees).

This week's menu is almost entirely made up of items from Green BEAN Delivery and New Century CSA as most weeks during the summer are.  I love knowing that my produce is in season and supporting local growers and artisans.  Plus, I love having it delivered to my door and not going to the grocery store!  Harvests are really at their peak right now in Ohio, so there is really no excuse to be eating tomatoes from Mexico or watermelon from China.  If you can't find a farmers market, most grocery stores have a local section or at least signs around the local produce.  It is not only better for your local economy, the produce is actually more nutritious for you too!  Since it doesn't have to make a long trek across the county, it can be picked when it is fully ripe meaning more time to soak up the sun and photosynthesize!  :)

mini taco pies
cucumber tea sandwiches with creamy artichoke stuffed mushrooms
ginger tuna fillets with salad
mac and cheese with pulled chicken (we'll see, it might be too hot for this kind of comfort food)
salad (summer default for when it is too hot and we're too hungry to wait for something to cook) Yum

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