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Weekly Menu

I can't believe August starts this week!  The Ohio State Fair started last week, which always signified the end of summer for me as a kid because the school year was just around the corner.  Now that I am older... the fair continues to be a reminder to get out to make the most out of the last moments of summer.  

We're getting ready for a family trip to the beach!  Can't wait to get away... have the sand in our toes and the ocean waves crashing in front of us.  We're looking into getting paddle boards since we tried some out while in Tampa last year.  They would be a blast in the ocean, but still fun in Ohio since you can take them on lakes and deep (hopefully slow moving) rivers.

So this week I am trying to come up with a few breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are light and will feed about 20 people easily.  And then a couple extras, like poptails... popsicles cocktails!  I plan on testing a couple out this week from Baker's Royale like her White Russian Pudding Pops and Mudslide on a Stick.

Parfaits will definitely be on the menu.  They are so easy and delicious!  I have made them in the mornings before work since they are so quick... just layer in some yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola... yum!

Since I mentioned mac and cheese in last week's meal plan, my husband has been requesting it every night!  I never got around to making it last week since it takes a little longer to make, so it is back in the meal plan for this week...

grilled chicken with mexican corn and mashed potatoes
creamy zucchini and rice soup
out two nights for the fair and a friends birthday!

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