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Weekly Menu

What a beautiful weekend in Ohio!  It almost felt like summer with the sun and blue skies... hopefully this perfect weather will stick around and the winter coats can be stored away for good this time.  :)

We were actually in Canton this weekend for our niece and nephew's baptism.  It was just as beautiful up there!  We stopped by Hoppin' Frog on Saturday for a flight and tried a "beershake" for the first time.  I've added Bailey's to milkshakes before (which is a definite must try), and I have heard Guinness floats are good, but a milkshake?  It was really darn good!  They used their peanut butter porter... chocolate plus peanut butter... you don't have to ask me twice!

snoop paws jeep hair don't care 
hoppin' frog 
patio turbo shandy hoppin' frog beershake 

Because you never know how long nice weather will last in Ohio springs, we're front loading the week with some grill items to enjoy the ability to cook outside again.  What are you planning on making this week?

BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches
ribs and spinach salad
lamb burgers and brussel sprouts
chicken fajitas


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